Maroon Mart Grand Reopening

Before COVID-19, the Maroon Mart was bustling after school until 3:30 PM every day with students eager to buy freshly baked cookies, candy, and merchandise. Located at the main entrance, the store was convenient for students looking to buy the Maroon Mart’s renowned cookies. Members of the RHS DECA chapter ran the business until it was forced to close due to the pandemic. Before it closed, the Maroon Mart’s profits went to DECA competitions as well as helping pay for some students to attend events through DECA. Unfortunately, the DECA events this year are being held virtually, but the Maroon Mart is not shutting down! 

Before the pandemic, the Maroon Mart helped many RHS DECA members afford to compete in competitions to further their leadership and innovation skills. While the Maroon Mart is going to continue to stay closed until RHS loosens COVID-19 restrictions, the proprietors have now introduced virtual shopping. The school store is now completely online, offering the same merchandise as before, as well as new additions. The website is very easy to navigate, and the merchandise can be delivered directly to students’ front doors! Just in time for the holiday season, the store’s merchandise is more accessible than ever.

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Julie Masri & Lauren Creed
Staff Writers

Graphic: Sofia Lee

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