New in Ridgewood Downtown: Bareburger

On May 8th, a chain restaurant called Bareburger debuted at 15 East Ridgewood Ave, right in the center of downtown Ridgewood. This New York-based burger restaurant took the location formerly occupied by Gen Sushi and Hibachi, that had gone out of business in early December. Bareburger has already hired multiple staff members and officially opened their doors by welcoming fellow Ridgewood residents and other visitors. Already, this restaurant is buzzing with customers and filling up with families and friends eager to discover this new addition to Ridgewood town. Currently, Bareburger is incredibly widespread and continually expanding. There are restaurants in six states across the U.S., as well as international locations; other New Jersey locations include Closter and Montclair.

At Bareburger, there are a multitude of options for everyone to enjoy, and the menu is committed to serving sustainable fare and locally sourced foods, which is what draws many people to eat at the restaurant. Their burgers are all organic and use all-natural ingredients, as well as providing alternatives for individuals’ specific dietary preferences. Bareburger’s menu includes burgers made from free-range, pasture-raised meats that are free from antibiotics and hormones. Meats include beef, bison, elk, wild boar, duck, turkey, chicken, more than your average burger restaurant. For vegetarians and vegans, there are several options. Sweet potato, black bean and quinoa patties are offered, as well as the Guadalupe burger, which was recognized as one of the best veggie burgers in New York by various publications, namely Best of New York, New York Magazine, and its sister online food publication Grub Street. There are three bun choices including a brioche, sprout bun, or a collard green wrap. On top of these options, a selection of salads, sandwiches and the usual sides (fries, onion rings, pickles) are available.

Given the flexible nature of the restaurant, customers are encouraged to create their own burgers and call upon their creativity to formulate their own specialized meal to their liking. This way, customers are completely aware of the food that they are receiving and know the ingredients and nutrition that they are putting into their bodies. Bareburger’s vision in 2008 was a simple one. They had the goal of providing good, hearty food to the people in a genuine manner. They promised to always be transparent with their ingredients and utilize locally sourced, all-natural, sustainable foods so that their customers would be satisfied and gain a positive dining experience. Many people are drawn by the restaurant’s mission to satisfy the customer and allow for a healthy meal option compared to the fast food burger stops that are quickly increasing in number.

The quality of the ingredients is not the only aspect that boosts the atmosphere of the restaurant. The ambience of the interior design, which is industrial and intriguing, draws in passersby and attracts families and friends to a night of relaxation and enjoying nourishing food together. Music plays in the background and there is a television showing sports. On the side there is a bar and tables are spaced out so that there is enough space for many to fit in comfortably even on a crowded day. The brick walls are decorated with pictures of bears and paintings to create an entertaining view that boosts the overall experience.

Ridgewood Councilman Ramon Hache, who serves as the liaison to the chamber of commerce and the Ridgewood Guild, said, “I am very excited to welcome Bareburger into our central business district.” Hache said Bareburger’s choice for their new location highlights the growing attraction of Ridgewood’s downtown to both businesses and shoppers. Who knows? Maybe this restaurant will serve to benefit Ridgewood in the long run not only by satisfying citizens’ stomachs, but also by boosting downtown Ridgewood’s growing businesses and image.

Derya Ekin
staff writer

Graphic: Maraea Garcia

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