RHS Maroon Mart Opens In-Person for the First Time Since Lockdown

Although COVID-19 has affected Ridgewood High School in various ways, we are beginning to return to the pre-pandemic norms and traditions of the school. One of these is the RHS Maroon Mart. Located by the main entrance, the Maroon Mart has been around since 2004 and sells snacks and school merchandise to students. Since Ridgewood High School has switched back to in-person classes, the Maroon Mart has begun to utilize both its physical school store in the high school and its online platform to raise money for DECA, the school’s business club. By allowing customers to access the store in two ways–online and in school–students are able to make maximum profit. 

By analyzing the money raised through sales, DECA students remarked about their profit later in the year to present how far they have come. Saachi Patil, a junior in DECA, says that “as a worker, we bake cookies or stay after school to help out. We’ll be the ones grabbing snacks or stuff from the fridge and then handling payments.” The Maroon Mart allows for DECA students to present their spirit and awareness by sacrificing after-school hours to help out in the store. Another junior DECA student, Shriya Dani, says, “A lot of sports teams, particularly the girl’s soccer team and the gymnastics team, like to come in and grab a snack.” It is good to see that the revival of the Maroon Mart provides a link for students to support other students, especially in times where we need each other the most.

Melike Yesil
Staff Writer

Graphic: Chelsea Byun

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