Should We Have More Snow Days?

Ridgewood High School’s schedule allows for multiple snow days per school year. The problem? Civilians are divided on whether there are too many or simply not enough. Every year, the school district is forced to shut down due to weather complications. Many students and staff feel as though the amount of snow days should be limited to not affect the education of more than 1,000 students. On the other hand, some feel that the district should be more lenient with the days allowed for inclement weather. As evidenced by a packed parking lot at 7:45 am, Ridgewood high school harbors hundreds of new drivers. The roads can become a hazardous place, especially in bad weather. Some parents are concerned for the safety of their children as they are forced to attend school during these times with the fear of being marked tardy. 

When interviewing Ms. Ames from the attendance office, she remarked that the only way to change the amount of snow days is to increase them. She stated that although public schools increased the amount of snow days built into the schedule this year compared to previous years, it would not be detrimental to add a few more. Another consideration is the students from lower grades; elementary school parents must make special arrangements for children on snow days or even delayed openings because they cannot be left alone. The decision to close schools benefits a number of people like high schoolers, but it can also hurt other students such as elementary schoolers. After weighing all of these risks, it is in the best interest of the school district to increase the number of days in the school year in case of an emergency, but be more lenient with snow days. It is the most horrible feeling when the district runs out of snow days and students are penalized on their long-anticipated breaks. For students who work so hard every day, it only seems fair to allow them to be both safe and keep their well-earned rest. 

Samantha Sabatiel
Staff Writer

Graphic: Vivian Yuan

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