Spring Fashion Watch

It’s official, the groundhog’s shadow came and went and so did winter apparently. Spring is upon us which only means one thing: no more spending a whole 5 minutes to get undressed at your locker every morning. Just like fall, spring is a great way to incorporate your warm and cold weather wardrobe. That means you can get away with a few more weeks without shaving your legs! Score!

Pastels: Ditch the endless greys, navys, and blacks that are piled high in your closet. Instead, swap it out for some subtle color. If you’re like me and like to stick to a neutral palette, pastels are a nice way to incorporate color without feeling too uncomfortable. The ideal way to wear pastels is keeping the outfit monochromatic-meaning having all the items in a similar color scheme. Avoid a lot of color contrast by wearing a pastel sweater, lightly washed jeans and neutral colored sneakers. If the weather is still a bit chilly, layer a white turtleneck under the sweater for a Parisian look that keeps you warm and one that embraces the confusing spring climate.

All white: Though it’s the worst color to hide any stain, white especially an all-white outfit has been trending recently. What I like to call the universal neutral, white looks good on everyone no matter how wan the winter has made you. A white based tee with white denim paired with a neutral or colorful sneaker makes you look effortlessly chic when you really just played a color matching game in your closet.

Denim: Nothing screams spring like denim. Light washed and loose fitting jeans provides a more lax, spring-esque fit than the typical skinny jeans. Some of the best spring jeans are a boyfriend fit, mom or wide leg jean which are often found in lighter shades. Also an oversized or the ex-boyfriend denim jacket is the perfect coat for spring. It can fit over tees, long sleeves, and even sweaters without looking stiff. Is it raining outside? Of course it is, it’s spring. Layer a light trench over your denim jacket, collars primped up is a must.  

Fresh sneakers: Springtime is the best excuse to buy the latest kicks. The all white Fila sneakers or Nike air force ones have been all over the market beckoning for you to wear them. But if you’re anything like me and cannot keep a white shoe looking crisp for more than a weeks time, opt for some bit of color instead. Choosing an off white, cream or even a pastel colored shoes still gives off the same aesthetic without the fuss.

Keep an eye out for sage; it’s Spring 2019’s color.

Wide-legged pants: Varying in color, waistband styles, and length, culottes are the perfect transitional piece to add into your wardrobe. Most flowy pants are offered in stretchy waistbands or a drawstring making them almost as comfortable as your sweatpants at home. In addition, these pants are rather versatile as you can make it more casual with a plain tee and sneakers or escalate it with a button down. Nevertheless, wide leg trousers offer a new option for bottoms that can last you from late spring to early summer.

Yes, we all long for warmer days but to me, spring is as good as it gets minus the pollen. Spring isn’t just about marriage between the two extreme seasons but it’s about renewal and if that includes your closet, so be it.

Amelia Chen
graphics chief

Graphics: Amelia Chen

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