Zach Kim, pictured far right, participating in a bake sale for Bergen County Habitat for Humanity.

Student Spotlight: Zach Kim

When an RHS student thinks of AP Economics, the first thing that comes to mind is Mr. Monahan’s bake sale. Every year, students are tasked with making creative baked goods to sell at the event. Mr. Monahan attracts other classes in droves to “buy” a Spooky Cupcake, JingleBell Brownie, or other sweet treat. Beyond the surface of sugar and play money, Econ students must document all of their costs to better understand the concept of costs of production. 

The traditional bake sale could not occur this year, but the project went on. One student, RHS senior Zach Kim, took his project to the next level. For the past 4 years Kim has been working closely with Habitat for Humanity – Bergen County to help build homes for deserving families. This year, Kim was even appointed as the President of Ridgewood’s chapter! 

With the Econ project not being of its typical form, Zach got to thinking. Ultimately he assembled a team of other Habitat for Humanity volunteers to hold his own bake sale to sell the products that he had made. Marketing his Popcorn and Rice Krispie Treat snacks as “Fauci Balls” after the renowned epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, Kim set out a stand on Halloween to sell his creative project. 

Much to even his surprise, the demand was overwhelming. (Talk about a lesson in supply and demand!) Families came, purchased a Fauci Ball, and even donated to the organization. When asked if he was surprised by the feedback, Kim told High Times: “During these difficult times, people crave comfort and familiarity. What could be more comforting and familiar than gold old popcorn. Like the American physician and immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, these treats are straightforward, no-fuss, and give you a sense of satisfying calm.” 

Through Kim’s hard work, he was able to raise $321 for Habitat for Humanity. This is truly a testament to his hard work, a sentiment which club member, senior Teddy Lowicki, echoes: “He is an empathetic, kind, and understanding leader who wants to make the world a better place.” Even sweeter, his Fauci Balls were renowned by his AP Econ teacher, Mr. Monahan himself: “What makes this so special is that Zach did this completely unprompted. To have a student take a project for school and, on his own, come up with a way to raise money for a charity speaks to the types of values RHS seeks to inculcate in each graduate.” It is clear that Kim was able to make a significant impact through his work in the community. 

Kim offers advice to RHS students who are interested in making a difference: “Follow your heart. Do what you’re interested in. Use what you already know how to do to accomplish the goals to try and better the community”. 

To join Habitat for Humanity – Ridgewood, contact Zach at! 

Sofia Lee & Patrick Demeulder
Editor in Chief, Staff Writer

Graphic: Zach Kim

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