The Dream Plan: More Days Off?

Longer breaks? You’ll never hear a student say no to that. 

The breaks in Ridgewood are definitely not short, but no student would pass up the chance to lengthen them. Ridgewood’s Thanksgiving break lasted from November 25 to November 28, not only allowing students to enjoy the festivities, but also take a break from all the stress of being a student. The breaks around the holidays help students to genuinely relax and avoid burnout. But as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, many students have been affected by the winter blues. Although there are the most breaks during the winter months, should the school be offering even more days off for students?

Although the school definitely has enough breaks during the colder months, there are not as many breaks during the warmer months. This is when students really struggle to get through their day and fulfill all their responsibilities. After spring recess, there are no more long breaks, and school begins to feel like it is ending despite having three months left. Students need breaks that are spaced out evenly throughout the year so that they won’t feel overwhelmed when they need to attend class everyday, with no break to rely on when they are struggling. 

An anonymous student at Ridgewood High School commented that March is especially the time when they struggle to get through school because of the lack of breaks. When asked whether the weekend was helpful or not, they replied that it was when they would catch up on everything they had missed during the weekdays. Does this show the school that their students need extra assistance for certain times of the year? Should the students change their ways, or should the school be the one to adjust instead?

Julianna Kye
Opinion Columnist

Graphic: Youngho Cho

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