Thoughts On Going Back to School

On April 19th, Ridgewood High School will finally enter Phase II after more than a year since schools closed due to COVID-19. This year, students have either been on a hybrid schedule or completely virtual. The High Times asked both hyrbid and virtual students what their feelings on going back to school are and what they’re most excited about. (Some responses have been edited for clarity)

I am most excited about more kids coming into school because I used to enjoy school a lot because I would get to see my like “school friends” the ones that I don’t hangout with outside of school and now it’s so boring because only 1 or 2 people will be in my classes so having more will be a nice change.

– Gianna Marie McCarthy

Extremely excited to see everyone else. I didn’t think leaving school last March that I would still be learning virtually.

– Vicky Hoy

I feel super excited to be in school. It’s going to feel good to be in school and be surrounded with people who you like to hangout with and talk to.

– Maria Zuniga

I’m pretty excited to go back to school for the first time in over a year and meet my teachers. 
– Jack Swartz
I’ve been virtual since October, and I cannot wait to be going back to school. It has been a very lonely time all virtual, so I am very excited to see people again. Especially as a senior, I can’t wait for the senior activities, especially those in person.
– Matthew De Meulder
I’m excited for a transitional period towards (hopefully) normal school days, but I’ll miss sleeping in every other day!
– Ruth Fan
I’ve been doing hybrid, and I’m definitely excited to see more people in school! Being able to see people in real life in an authentic classroom is already so much better for not just my learning, but communication as well. Having more students in class would definitely help this feel like actual school.
– Chloe Cho
I have been hybrid and I’m excited to go back full time. I get distracted at home so it should be nice to see more of my classes and be more engaged.
– Melissa Boag
I’ve been virtual since March 2020 and I’m definitely excited to see people that I haven’t seen in over a year. I’m also excited to meet teachers that I’ve never met in person.
– John LaFrance
Seein my homies. 
– Max Lobosco
I’m excited to come back but also kind of worried because the 6ft distance will be limited to only 3. However I’m most excited to be able to sing in person in choir and see my friends in person. 
– Maria Walsh
I am very much excited to have more students in school in order to create a stronger sense of comradery between students and to make school more social in general. 
– Theodore Stephens
Having been virtual throughout most of this year, I’m super excited to be in the environment of school. I’m pretty easily distracted during online school, but just being around all my peers and teachers will make me enjoy my classes more and pay more attention. Also, it’ll be nice just seeing people in the hallways again for one last time before graduation.
– Aum Mundhe

High Times Editorial Staff

Graphic: Logan Richman

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