Top Five Holiday Songs

It’s that time of year! Holiday cheer is spreading, snow is falling, and the fireplace crackling. It’s time to wear our favorite fluffy socks, sit by the fireplace and drink loads and loads of hot chocolate. After Thanksgiving, it’s time to listen to our tried and true Christmas songs!  Don’t know which songs to listen to? Don’t worry, this list gives you the rundown on all the best songs of the season. 

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”-Michael Bublé 

Michael Bublé’s It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, is an essential song to any Christmas playlist. It’s a song many of us have always listened to. With its catchy tune and Michael Bublé’s amazing voice, it can’t help but get stuck in your head the entire season. It paints an image of a picture-perfect holiday we all wish for. It reached number ten on the Billboard US Holiday 100. This is a song that I can always count on to get me excited for the holidays. 

“Sleigh Ride”-The Ronettes

Let’s throw it back a little, to Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes. This song is known for its compilation of “rings” and “dings” at the start making it a fun and festive song. Sleigh Ride is a song that is always getting made into new covers from various artists adding their personal touch to this song, but personally, the Ronettes do it the best.  It shows the fluffy white snow, perfect for a sleigh ride. It emphasizes the romantic and joyous aspect that is always evident during the holidays. 

“Mistletoe”-Justin Bieber

In 2011, Justin Bieber released one of the best holiday songs of the 2000’s, and he set the expectation of a modern Christmas song. He talks about the dreams of adolescent love, especially after it’s heightened during the holiday season. It has R&B influences, which sets it apart from traditional Christmas songs. The music video showing the picture perfect expectation of young love. This song hit number one on the US Holiday 100 Billboard Charts and is YouTube’s most viewed holiday song, with over 262 million views. 

“All I Want for Christmas Is You”-Mariah Carey

This next song is considered one of the most iconic Christmas songs. All I Want For Christmas Is You was released in 1994, but old is gold and this song proves just that. This hit song has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide and is always listened to during the holiday season. This song is on its way to becoming a holiday classic.  

“Last Christmas”-Wham!

Another iconic Christmas song released in 1984 is “Last Christmas” by the British pop duo Wham!. This song is the tenth-best-selling Christmas single in the US by digital downloads. Although sadder than some other holiday songs, it still gets everyone in the holiday spirit. 

The holidays are some of the most joyous times of the year, where families unite and truly think about why family is so important. Everybody loves holidays because of the family, the gifts, and the music.

Ariya Patel
Staff Writer

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