Upcoming Events You Should Keep An Eye Out For

As the 2021-2022 school year quickly progresses, special events that RHS seniors have looked forward to for their entire high school careers are coming up. These events are prom and graduation! Though these events are still in the planning stages, they are set to occur and we have inside information from guidance counselor Ms. Scheafer as to what they will look like!

Prom has been planned to be a unique experience for all those attending it. For example, it is going to be on a cruise ship with a lot of amenities such as delicious food, music, and a great dance floor. The cruise ship, leaving from Hoboken, also has an outdoor deck that students can use for a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty which the ship will be sailing around. “Hopefully we’ll have a pretty night” states Ms. Schaefer, who is helping plan both prom and graduation, to express her excitement for the event and its activities. Prom will be occurring on June 3rd.

Graduation is taking a more traditional route with its festivities. According to Ms. Schaefer, graduation is going to be following the “Ridgewood tradition.”  It will take place on the front lawn of RHS, like usual. Parents of RHS seniors are also creating a “project graduation” which will be an evening of festivities occurring after graduation. Graduation will be occurring on June 22nd at 5 pm.

RHS students should keep an eye out for prom and graduation as clearly, they are going to be extraordinary events. They have been planned with a lot of love and care, and will for sure be memorable experiences and great ways for the seniors to end their RHS journey on a high note. 

Alisha Dave
News Editor

Graphic: Sunny Rhew

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