Jessica Chang

Why You, High School Student, Need a Job

Jessica Chang
Jessica Chang

Getting a job is something everyone considers at one point during their school years. Today, it is common for students to work after school or on the weekends to earn some extra cash, while also having to participate in extracurriculars and maintain their grades.

While some people think of it as an amazing idea, many may disagree. It can be time consuming for teenagers who already have a lot on their plate, but receiving a paycheck can make any student happy.

The most obvious advantage of getting a job is pocketing the money every payday. As students get older, they have the tendency to spend more money: whether it is paying for food, clothes, or even saving up for college. A cost many college-bound kids do not think of are the expensive prices of textbooks and other reading supplements. In the past few years, many admissions counselors have come forward and admitted that jobs are one of the most desirable elements of an application. Having a steady job is not only a resúme builder for college, but it also shows experience if you wish to work in the new place you are planning to move to for school.

Another positive aspect of working is that it teaches teenagers responsibility and important life lessons. Students can learn how to manage money by figuring out how much they must save and how much they are able to spend. Many teens do not know how to be smart with money, especially if they have been receiving an allowance from their parents. Beginning to pay for your own expenses makes managing money far more necessary. And many teenagers will be more interested in learning how to manage money, especially if it is their own.

In addition, one is forced to learn punctuality and time management. Students not only need to manage their time in high school, but also in life during and after college. Learning how to juggle schoolwork and a job in high school can make the college experience a lot easier, as schedules become less rigid, more confusing, and give you a lot of extra free time. Students have school, friends, extracurriculars and, if they decide, a job to manage. Life in and after college becomes more difficult to navigate, so starting early is a good idea.

It is important, however, to realize there are some drawbacks to having a job in high school. Becoming too busy with a job can cause distraction from school work and a lack of sleep. Many aspects of a student’s life could be affected due to the fact that you not only need to go to your job, but also complete your homework which can cause some late nights. Lack of sleep is not healthy, and along with having a job and other activities can also add more stress to the student life. That said, if you are cautious with not overworking immediately and adapting new tactics, a job would be a wonderful addition to your life.

Having the ability to gain and maintain a job is very worthwhile. It provides students with many ways to mature, understand responsibilities and really make them feel like a young adult. While it is time consuming and creates extra work, which could potentially lead to stress, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Simply imagine being able to pay for yourself when you go out with friends to dinner, or being able to contribute to the costs of college! Lessons you will learn from a job in high school will stay with you for the rest of your life, and help you become a  more disciplined and confident person.

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