A Look at the Ridgewood Fall Crafts and Arts Street Fair

On September 19th, 2021, the Fall Craft and Art Street Fair occupied East Ridgewood Ave for its yearly visit. Small tents framed the street as a mass of visitors swarmed the blocked-off avenue, anxious for a day of artistic fun and music. The fair’s main goal is to support local artists and unite the town by closing down the street all day and hosting the small businesses. This year’s function garnered the largest number of vendors and attendees the event has ever seen, and has been widely regarded throughout the village as a great success. 

The fair included over 195 vendors, exhibiting their art, selling prints, and showing off photography. Food options from all around the globe were offered in addition to the visual arts: empanadas, garlic knots, Puerto Rican foods, kabobs, gyros, zeppoles, pretzels, German sausage and peppers, and funnel cakes were some of the fan favorites. RHS sophomore and arts lover Charlotte Rivera commented, “the food options were fantastic. It was my favorite part of the fair. There were a variety of different things to try, and it reminded me of New York City! I will definitely go back next year.” 

Just a few of the extensive works of art included stained glass, pottery, ceramics, clothing, tie dye, resinworks, soaps, candles, kaleidoscopes, and more. Sophomore Kate Yachimski, an artist herself, reported, “It was such an impressive array of businesses. All the artists were so talented, and I bought so many different things.” Kate mentioned the fair’s most popular vendor, well-known artist Maral Kachichian, who manned a personalized ornament painting booth. 

The visual artworks were complimented by the all-day music provided by Rich G & Ginger, a musical duo from Mahwah. All attendees reported that the fair was an all-around great experience, and cannot wait for its return to Ridgewood Ave next year. 

Julia Szymanski
Staff Writer

Graphic: Youngho Cho

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