A Taste of Home

Ridgewood is home to an array of over one hundred diverse and unique restaurants. People can experience the food of many different cultures, including Italian, Greek, and Japanese. Ridgewood’s population includes many varying ethnicities and cultures, and many can get a taste of home in Ridgewood’s downtown. 

10th grader Alisa Dubovis recommends Dea European Cafe, “I like the cafe because I am from Europe and I feel like they have a lot of food that tastes similar… I had a great experience there.” The Dea European Cafe, located on 9 S Broad St, opened on October 10th, 2020. The family-owned cafe serves pastries, sandwiches, and more. It aims to represent a variety of European countries and their cultures. 

Elijah Otaner, another 10th grader, notes that despite the low Turkish population and restaurants, he enjoys Greek to Me on 21 E Ridgewood Ave. Elijah moved to Ridgewood in May of 2020.  There aren’t many Turkish restaurants in Ridgewood, however, Elijah explains that Turkey and Greece share many similarities in culture and he makes do with what is available. Being in a predominantly white town can be lonely, Elijah says that “going to a Turkish restaurant would sort of help,” and “[wishes] there were more Turkish restaurants here.” 

The food and culture found in restaurants is a primary way for people to remain connected to their roots, and Ridgewood boasts many different options. The citizens of Ridgewood are lucky enough to have many diverse restaurants nearby, as the proximity of these restaurants makes it easier to experience the food and customs of different cultures. Craving Chinese? Try Dim Sum Dynasty on Franklin Ave. Feeling a need for some Indian food? The Delhi Accent on Chestnut Street has you covered. Ridgewood’s downtown is composed of many restaurants where you can enjoy your own culture or experience someone else’s. Appreciate diversity, eat out!

Gia Liu
Staff Writer

Graphics: Grace Park

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