Asian Fest 2021 a Success During COVID-19 Pandemic

Although one of the most enjoyable and memorable times of the year came around, Asian Fest, we were unable to see the performances in person this year. Instead of grades coming together in the campus center to get a glimpse of the show (if they were lucky enough to have teachers who were willing to spare class), due to Covid-19, the school watched the performances through a stream on Youtube. It’s true to say that some of the excitement was gone, as students could not cheer on Asian Fest members with their friends. Despite the troubles RHS has faced this year, performance members did an amazing job creating a once again, unforgettable show.   

To get insight on the preparation, a Asian Fest leader was interviewed. She said the members sometimes felt “unmotivated to do their choreography and it was definitely harder to teach everything through zoom. Later meeting people in person and having to catch them up was also difficult.” Not only was it hard for the members to learn their dances from a distance, but the leader says that the costumes, specifically for India, were ordered from California because of Covid-19 shutdowns. This caused there to be added expenses and inconvenience. Nonetheless the leader says “it was harder, but definitely as enjoyable as the year before”. Members were still able to bond and form relationships with each other even through zoom and even came together as a group to watch their performances together. 

In terms of Asian Fest for next year, the leader says she thinks “there is going to be Asian Fest in person next year and we hope to resume to normal”.” As more people are getting vaccinated and taking precautions, we may be able to go back to a somewhat normal school routine. 

Melike Yesil
Staff Writer

Graphic: Ashlee Fong

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