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It’s about that time… After a whole year of anticipation, the 2020 Jamboree show has finally arrived! Every year, for the whole month of January, Ridgewood moms and dads graciously give their time and money towards a thrilling conglomeration of singing, acting and dancing. Over the past 74 years, The Ridgewood Jamboree Association has raised over $1.5 million. This year, the show is being produced by Ann Wheaton, Isabelle and Michael Leluc, and Stacey Tsapatsaris. 

For four weeks, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are dedicated solely for rehearsal and preparation for the show. Cast members work day and night to perfect their dance numbers and memorize their songs. Each year, the cast members and producers work together to create an original storyline for the play. This year, after finding a time machine in the basement of BFMS, the producers have gotten themselves lost in different parts of history. Throughout the show, the cast members have to search through time to find each producer. Along the way, they come across Ridgewood alumni from the 1980s, Freddie Mercury, The Beatles and more! Not only is the production wildly entertaining, but they are also performed for a brilliant cause. 

All donations and sales by the Ridgewood Jamboree organization are put towards a scholarship for a handful of hardworking students at Ridgewood High School. To qualify for this scholarship, students attend the rehearsals each week and make sure that the parents are well-fed and accommodated.

The volunteers are guided by Mrs. Roni Farfalla, a Ridgewood mom and Jamboree veteran who has made every meal possible for years.When asked what her favorite part of helping out with Jamboree was, Roni exclaimed  “I love the people! I get to know new people each year, and make lasting friendships. The best part is getting to work each night with a group of amazing young people who take time out of their day to come and help raise money for scholarships for other kids.” 

Jamboree is an amazing way for Ridgewood parents to contribute to their community, all the while having a good time and meeting friends along the way! Even those who don’t prefer to perform on a stage greatly contribute to the show by creating beautiful costumes and enthralling props. When asked about what Jamboree meant to them, a group of parents beamed, “Jamboree: best way to spend January!” Another parent shared that “Jamboree is not just a fundraiser, but also a family”.  

Through Jamboree, the community of Ridgewood is brought together and students are rewarded with the scholarships they deserve. To become a part of Ridgewood Jamboree, contact  next year for information!

Ava Haberman
staff writer

Graphic: Jacob Baskin

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