Post-Winter Break: Too Much Schoolwork?

It has been a few weeks since students and teachers returned from their ten-day holiday break. The end of the second marking period is coming up, and for most students, that means an last-minute onslaught of large assignments and exams. Grades are soon to be finalized for the first semester, and next year’s class recommendations are around the corner.

Multiple students were interviewed for personal accounts on the current workload. Lila Batley, a junior student, stated that “the amount of studying has gone up because of more tests at the end of the quarter, so at least for myself…it’s like a few extra hours each night right now.”

When asked about the amount of schoolwork that she expects going forward, she responded, “I’m definitely in challenging classes and then in the spring there’s going to be AP tests, so I would assume that the workload would kind of go up from there.” She continued, “It’s not ideal…but hopefully it kind of slows down towards the beginning of the third quarter.”

Additionally, a freshman commented, “I think probably I got less, because…teachers, they were…kind of easy cause they were also…getting used to getting back” but still hoped for less homework. She explained that “they could [still] do less…and…I think they could start off with less and…then gradually go back to normal.”

On the question of how many hours a day the two students would feel comfortable with, Batley expressed that she preferred having up to three to four hours of homework, with more than four or five being too much. On the other hand, the freshman replied that two hours was her ideal amount of time.

Although different grades receive varying workloads, the idea is the same: the end of quarter means more work, but while many students expect the increase, a lighter workload would be more satisfactory.

Sonia Berman
Staff Writer

Graphic: Gina Vaynshteyn

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