Senior Spotlight for Girls Varisty Basketball: Courtney McKenna


The Maroons Girls basketball team is enjoying the 2020-2021 season with a great record of 5-3. Courtney McKenna, a captain of the basketball team, is one of the most focused players on the court, trying her best to bring as many wins to her team. As a captain, she mentioned that she tries to uphold the resilience, positivity, and support for the team, regardless of one’s role. She added that “Our team chemistry is evident on and off the court, and we all contribute 100 percent effort every game.” She mentioned the team-bonding moment that is held right before a game where all players gather around in a circle without the coaches to feed off each other’s energy and share last moment advice. 

Since basketball inherently has only five players on the court at a time compared to other sports such as softball or volleyball, team chemistry is important to maintain a positive team performance. To McKenna, the Maroons Girls basketball team is not just only going to be a team, but will be a special memory in her high school life. She mentioned that “Having experienced being on this team as both an underclassmen and now a senior, I value my teammates’ friendship so much, and it is why my time in this program has been a unique and lasting memory for me.” 

When asked about the most exciting moment she has experienced in a game this year, she answered the game against Old Tappan. This was because the Maroons won their first game with the game being close as the score was 43-38. We wish you the best of luck Courtney and the basketball team!

Edward Sohn
Sports and Wellness Columnist

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