Signs of Resistance: Images From the Women’s March on New York City

On Saturday 21st, 2017, members of the High Times staff and other affiliates attended the “Women’s March on New York City,” a sister march to the more prominent “Women’s March on Washington.” Marches held across the world on Saturday, in response to Donald Trump’s election and subsequent inauguration, drew millions of protesters to the streets of Washington, Manhattan, Los Angeles, London, and even more cities around the world. Below are photographs of the New York City demonstration, captured by High Times staff photographers.

A woman leaving the march continues to hold her sign high
A large crowd gathers in Dag Hammarskjold plaza before preparing to march.
A protester climbs a metal gazebo and rallies the crowd during a long delay
One protester references President Trump’s questionable political relationship to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.
Climate change was a surprisingly popular topic of protesters during the NYC march
A protester uses a famous quote by Malala Yousafzai, a young woman famous for her advocacy of women’s rights in Pakistan
A young girl joins the march outside of a Trump International hotel in Midtown
Health care was a prime topic of the protest, as President Trump vows to dismantle the Affordable Care Act

2 thoughts on “Signs of Resistance: Images From the Women’s March on New York City

  1. I believe that this march was good intended and was carried out rather well, however I think that you guys are marching for the wrong reason. You should be marching against Saudi Arabia and other backwards countries where Women don’t even have the basic human rights that we take for granted here. In Saudi Arabia, if you were a woman and were raped by a man, you would be thrown in jail for it. How RIDICULOUS is that???! Women cant even leave their homes without permission from their husband or father, and if they leave, they must be covered from head to toe in a veil. And lets say they could leave the house, they would have to walk because they aren’t allowed to even drive cars. And don’t even get me started on the gross mistreatment of LGBT people. If you are gay, you will got thrown of a building or imprisoned in any of these Islamic countries. THESE ARE THE PLACES YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE ANGRY ABOUT!

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