Support Our Troops Honors Memorial Day During Shutdown

In the spirit of Memorial Day, the Support Our Troops club has launched their new fundraiser, however it is far from their first. The club was started up again last year by Teddy Lowicki, Michael Merlino and Connor Schnell with the goal of providing veterans and active military personnel with support and providing awareness for many of the needs of our troops. The club has helped with the local American Legion chapter with the Gold Star Mothers Ceremony, raised donations for Honor Flight, helped organize the veterans day assembly, cleanup Valleau Cemetery by ways of removing flags, and raised money by selling bracelets for the local Unbridled Heroes project. The team has also brought in a guest speaker Mark McCambridge and hopes to bring in many more. Plans were in the early stages to have students visit the Unbridled Heros stables, however because of the current pandemic those have been postponed.

For the past two Memorial Days RHS’s own Support Our Troops Club has held a fundraiser for veteran organizations. Last year the club fundraised for the local American Legion chapter by selling poppy flowers around the school. In total over $300 were raised. Due the current pandemic selling poppies was not an option this year, however this did not limit the scope of what the club is orchestrating this year. This year the club is planning to reach a goal of $1,500 for the Wounded Warrior Project through a GoFundMe page. This Memorial Day weekend, Vice President Matt Rusch campaigned in town with many of his fellow classmates and help from one of the club Presidents Michael Merlino.  Matt campaigned through rain and heat and you may have even seen him with his big “Honk If you [heart] Our Troops” sign. For the past few weeks Matt, Michael and fellow presidents Teddy and Connor have been planning the fundraiser by means of what platform to use (GoFundMe, Venmo, etc.) , how to raise awareness and who should be the project beneficiary. 

Make sure to donate to this fundraiser and stay tuned for future events.

Teddy Lowicki, Michael Merlino, Connor Schnell, & Matt Rusch
Staff Writers

Graphic: Michael Merlino & Matt Rusch

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