The Deal with New Student IDs

In recent years, the state has become considerably more cognizant of the need for school safety and security. Violence has grown sharply on campuses of all educational levels. This aggression originates both from within and from outside causes, being related to students, parents, and even staff. More and more communities are realizing that they need to take action. The introduction of student ID cards is one step those communities have taken to reduce violence and unauthorized access to school resources.

With the aid of school ID cards, it is superficial to contrast between students who are currently enrolled and those who are not, are from another campus, or have had specific access privileges removed. Active students have easy access to buildings, locker rooms, libraries, cafeterias, auditoriums, parking lots, and other facilities, but non-students cannot. Carrying a school ID card at all times can also assist security and resource staff in identifying visitors who aren’t currently authorized to be there, allowing them to respond responsibly, efficiently, and most importantly promptly. Attaching the ID card behind your phone is also a great way of ensuring students have it on them at all times in case of an emergency. A great approach to make sure students always have their ID cards with them in case of an emergency is to attach them to your phones. 

RHS already had student ID cards, but many students lost their cards during the pandemic, altogether reducing the efficiency of the system. Therefore, all students were granted new ID cards. However, many students have complained about the off-putting suicide hotline affixed behind the IDs. Regardless of whether they find the design “weird” or “abnormal,” this prevents kids from using the IDs since most students at RHS hide them away, particularly those who have clear phone cases. Due to this, some students devised their own methods to store the cards elsewhere, such as in a little holder with their other crucial cards like bus passes or COVID vaccination proof. If not, some students avoid using altogether and simply use the door after someone else opens it or ring the bell at the main entrance, and some may altogether lose their cards once again. This presents a hindrance that may further affect the safety of RHS.

Madison Kim
Staff Writer

Graphic: Evan Matsibekker

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