The Force Awakens

For all of you sci-fi fans, a huge event just occurred a couple of days ago.The new Star Wars sequel has just revealed its second trailer to the world. This is no surprise since everybody was given a taste back to the galaxy we all know and love with the first teaser trailer that debuted back in November. It is very exciting to see a fresh glimpse at the upcoming Star Wars movie. The teaser doesn’t really give much away besides some new features in the Star Wars galaxy, but it gives the viewers a reason to fuel the hype for this movie.

For those who have not seen the trailer, it starts off with an opening scene of a desert planet called Jakku. In the background of the desert planet, there is a giant destroyed starship that is halfway buried into the ground. The scene cuts to black and the familiar voice of Luke Skywalker states, “The force is strong in my family.” Afterwards there is a shot of the infamous Darth Vader’s disfigured iconic mask. Luke then states, “My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power too.” Soon after, music cuts in and the viewer gets a glimpse of the new cool cross lightsaber. After a montage of interesting and intriguing scenes, Han Solo’s beloved Millenium Falcon cruises through the air being pursued by starfighters. The last scene in the teaser is what really has everybody jumping for joy. The legendary Han Solo and his trusty companion Chewbacca are standing still as Han, with a grin says, “Chewy, we’re home.”

Now there is some controversy over this new Star Wars. Some people believe that it’s been too long to continue the Star Wars trilogy since Luke destroyed the Death Star and slayed Darth Vader, and that it should just stay at rest.To leave the story alone and just be happy with the way things ended. Others think that with today’s technology, Star Wars could turn into a beautiful motion picture. I believe that this particular movie will not only rule the box office, but dominate any movie that is to come out for all of 2016. A main reason is because J.J. Abrams is at the helm for this movie, alongside George Lucas and music composer John Williams. J.J. Abrams also directed the newest Star Trek movies, which grossed a total income of $486,508,680. Not only did they make a lot of money, but they were received very well by both critics and fans. I have my trust that J.J. Abrams will not let down and disappoint any Star Wars fans.

Nickolas Hueneke
staff writer

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