The World of Social Media: Which is the Best?

Nowadays, many people both old and young regularly use social media to interact and share their daily lives with each other. From Snapchat, to Instagram, to Youtube, there are so many platforms where information can be shared and where new connections can be made. Although there are so many social media apps and websites in the tech world, the most fitting and capable one to connect our society is Facebook. The variety of functions and services that Facebook offers, the ease of creating expanded personal networks in it, and its immensely large user base (as well as its potential to expand even more) are all advantages that it possesses against services that other apps or companies can provide.  

Facebook has many diverse functions and services that make it the most ideal social media platform to connect people in our society and around the world. Options such as Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Events, Facebook Places, and more allow individual users to keep in contact with a diverse set of people, whether it be a colleague or a highschool friend.  In other words, the app encourages communities to meet up, allows them to explore or discover places that their connections have visited, and possibly even find new connections along that journey instead of sticking to the simple ‘text talk’ formula. Also, other social media apps often have very limited functions, which prevents them from being as impactful or far-reaching than Facebook’s capabilities. For example, apps such as Instagram may be a handy tool for many of its users, but the services that it offers are limited to photo-sharing, attaching hashtags, and chatting with personal friends (that can be done more easily with standard smartphone messaging). On the other hand, Facebook is already established with so many available functions and potential modifications to come that it is a step ahead than most, if not all, of its competitors.

In addition, the ease of expanding personal networks is another benefit of Facebook that makes it the best social media app to connect our world. Thanks to its diversity, Facebook’s user base is universal which allows anyone to communicate with someone from a vastly different background than themselves. When new users join the community, they have the chance to meet over 2 billion new people that are using Facebook. Compared to Instagram’s user base of 800 million and Twitter’s 300 million active users, Facebook has far more users and thus can offer countless ways to meet people and create more intricate, diverse social networks.

There are also many Facebook groups that explore, talk, and organize exciting events regarding different interests and topics. These groups help people meet individuals, possibly who share a passion or interest, from all over the country (or potentially countries) whom they may not have met otherwise. Furthermore, if someone follows another Facebook user, they can become friends or acquaintances with people they share a mutual connection with. These conveniently accessible features and opportunities to encounter new people create a social media platform conducive for interconnecting with the world most productively.

In the end, while people may have a single app they prefer to use for interacting virtually with others, Facebook is the most capable in doing so. Perhaps one day it will be not a network for social media, but a network for connecting society as a whole.

Eugene Park
staff writer

Graphics: Ryan Rhew

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