What Does Veterans Day Mean to RHS?

On Thursday, November 11th, we celebrated Veterans Day in the United States. Americans across the country took time to honor the men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. RHS High Times interviewed students at the high school with family members who have served in the military on their perspective of the holiday.

RHS Senior Audrey tells us how her uncle served in the Coast Guard: “He died serving our country, and I think it’s important to commemorate him and all the other Veterans who sacrificed their lives for us.”

Mina, a junior at the high school, shares that her father served in the Marines: “I think it’s important to recognize people who serve in our military, because it is literally service, meaning that they give up their lives for the nation, for the people, for the United States.”

Finally, Carina, an RHS junior, says that her “grandfather served in the Army” and that she believes that we should “always celebrate those who have fought for our country,” not just on “one day of the year.”

It is easy to lose touch with the concept of Veterans Day. Most of us at RHS have not grown up in a generation where the United States is at war with other countries. It remains important for us to not take the freedoms we have for granted and appreciate those who have risked their lives to keep our country safe. 

Lauren Shin
News Editor

Graphic: Jiah Lee

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