A Fresh Start to the Golf Season

On March 1st, the Ridgewood Boys and Girls Golf  Team started their 2019 season. However, with the similar start of popular spring sports such as Lacrosse and Track & Field, the Golf Team seems to fly under the radar. Nonetheless, after an outstanding season for the 2018 golf team, this year’s players hope to continue to improve and succeed in the season to come. With RBG (Ridgewood Boys Golf) having a 7-4-2 record in the North Jersey Section 1, Group 4 and RGG (Ridgewood Girls Golf) having a 12-5 record, the Ridgewood Boys and Girls Golf team is ecstatic about the upcoming months.

After practicing and perfecting their skills during the off-season practices at a local indoor golf simulator, the players are eager for the season to unfold. When asked about the teams prospects for the year, junior Ryan Chmiel stated, “we think we can make it to the states matches with our strong players from last year and good players this year. Our goal is to make it all the way to the finals.”

On the girls side, junior Isabel Friedman shared the following: “we have new freshman with a lot of potential and upperclassman with tons of talent.” She is hopeful that as the season continues, she will “create stronger bonds with teammates” as well as “improve [her] swing and get more playing time.” Mindful of these goals, Ryan Chmiel, Isabel Friedman, and the rest of the junior golfers are motivated to succeed.

With the varsity boy’s first match on April 2nd against Hackensack High School, and the varsity’s girls on April 1 against Ramapo High School, their talent and skill will be put to the test. Even though the team is extremely optimistic, Caleb Walsh, a new member to the team, states that, “There are no seniors so it will be challenging to play against other teams with more experience.”

The Golf Program is not only successful as a competitive team, but it also helps students develop and grow as both athletes and people. Ex-Golfer Jackie Schmitt asserted that “the team helped me grow not only as a player, but as a person too. There was such a great dynamic!”

Many varsity players graduated last year, raising questions about the new team dynamic. Varsity member, current junior Nathan Kim stated that, “We have a solid new group of incoming freshmen and I think that we will do quite well this year despite losing many seniors.”

Perfecting their game, creating strong team bonds, and competing well are universal goals. With the annual golf trip in Maryland coming up, the Boys and Girls Golf Team cannot wait to get on the course. As junior Jordan Rarich says, “In golf, practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.”

Sophie Howard and Kevin Collier
staff writer

Graphic: Nicole Kye

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