Tom Brady Returning to NFL & Implications

Just over a month since his retirement, Tom Brady announced his return for the 23rd season of his NFL career. His retirement only lasted for 40 days (which is shorter than the MLB lockout: 99 days) though there was no official information about his retirement. He announced his return on Sunday, March 13th, which gives his team more flexibility to start signing free agents. 

As he is returning, he is also expected to be paid as one of the top NFL players at the age of 44. However, Tom Brady’s salary will not be that high due to the team’s salary cap. In fact, the Buccaneers already exceeded its salary cap by three million dollars last season. Brady adjusted his contract multiple times throughout his career to allow key players to sign with his team. Therefore, it is appropriate to assume that Brady will choose to have a lower salary than the 25 million dollar one from last year. 

Even if the Buccaneers lost to the LA Rams at the NFC playoffs, Tom Brady was able to show off that he can still compete with the young, talented quarterbacks throughout the season. He led the league in passing yards and touchdowns with a record of 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns, respectively. Despite having the best stats as a quarterback, the MVP of the season was given to Aaron Rogers.  

So far, the Buccaneers signed wide receiver Russel Gage from Atlanta who is ranked eighth in receptions and receiving yards to make Brady’s pass sharper, and offensive guard Shaq Mason from the Patriots, who has experience of winning two Super Bowls with Brady. By adding two star players into the team, Buccaneers will be able to run stronger offense than last year. 

Edward Sohn
Staff Writer

Graphic: Jiah Lee

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