Brian Rose makes his election speech.

A Presidential Plan

Have you ever wondered who plans school events? Or who makes decisions when it comes to grade activities? The Student Council collaborates with other students to plan and run school functions that everyone can be involved in. Student Council is not only responsible for planning activities, but also represents the whole school and and serves as a bridge between the student body and administrators.

Since there are many students who represent different interests in Student Congress, it can be difficult to make decisions. Student Congress makes decisions in two different ways. At meetings, elected representative make decisions by casting a vote in favor of what they think their classmates would want. But when deciding semi-formals or gatherings for a specific grade, the Student Council typically sends out a public forum so that the general student body can vote for a certain function. Still, much of the power of Student Government lies in the hands of the President and Vice President of the school.

This year, there have been some changes in Student Government. For example, this year’s President, Gabriel Voorhis-Allen, split representatives from all the grades into sub-committees which were assigned specific jobs such as Student Body Voice, School Sport, and Art Events Committees. This was done to make Student Congress more efficient and to increase its impact on the school.

Many hope that there will be even more positive changes made in the future. Next year’s president, Brian Rose stated that he wanted everyone to be part of something during his election speech and shared his plans for next year. Brian’s main goal for the year is to shift the attitude of the Student Council. He stated, “There’s definitely a lot I’m looking forward to about next year, but I think to accomplish any of it, we’re going to have to get a jump start on the work. And that starts with a new mind-set I’m hoping we can bring to the student council.” With Brian as President, students have high hopes that the Student Government will work to further improve the high school and make changes in the best interest of the student body.

Kolby Erskine and Kat Bonfiglio
staff writers

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