Raise your PAWs for a great Cause!

If you’re looking to get involved in one of the many wonderful clubs that RHS has to offer, a great club to look into is the People for Animal Welfare (PAW) club.

This club, started eight years ago by a few students with a passion for animals, has grown into an organization with chapters in high schools across the nation. Members of PAW Club have dedicated themselves to keeping the public informed on animal cruelty and promoting animal rights. Between attending charity events, hosting bake sales, and using the proceeds from their fundraisers to buy a bulletproof vest for a police dog, members of the club have significantly contributed to the cause and raised awareness. When asked about her experience in the club, sophomore Julia Stuart commented, “PAW Club has been such an enlightening experience for me. I feel as though I’m such a positive contributor to the animal community and I really feel like I’ve made a difference in animal lives.”

Currently, the club is in the process of hosting a “cutest pet contest” fundraiser. Participants should bring in pictures of their pets to Mrs. Marinkovic in room 398, or email president Michelle Kwon and enter them into the contest for a small price of 50 cents by Friday, June 5. Students will get a few days to submit their votes and the winner will be announced six days later on June 11. If you have an adorable pet that you want to show off to the school, bring in a photo and enter for a chance to win a treat or  a toy for your beloved companion. This is a unique contest for a great cause and PAW Club asks that you please take the time to participate and help them raise money for local animal shelters.

As treasurer of the club, Leigh Plasil, put it, “PAW Club provides many experiences in which you can help animals and give back to the animal community.” If you’re a proud pet owner or just an animal lover, swing by room 398 on every second and fourth Thursday of each month and become a part of this tremendous cause!

Brianna Patek 
staff writer

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