Artist of the Month January

This month’s Artist of the Month is Tarun Kalyanaraman. Tarun is currently a junior at RHS and has been doing art ever since he was a child. At around age twelve Tarun tried finding an art style and practicing his anatomical skills. To improve his art skills he used to watch several videos about drawing, studied art theory and skills, and even started doing digital art. Since then he has continued to practice art for years but believes there is still improvement that needs to be made. Tarun’s art style has shifted throughout the years, he stated that, “While I started out trying to chase after a realistic art style and realism, over time I actually went into a sort of surrealist and semi-realistic art style.” The mediums Tarun tends to work with today are mainly pencil and paper but sometimes he does like to use acrylic paint and gouache. The main subjects Tarun has in his artworks are people but he also likes to paint landscapes. This January Tarun was supposed to display his art at the Maroon and White exhibit but due to the recent rise in Covid cases the exhibition got postponed. When the exhibition does get rescheduled make sure to check his artwork out along with all the other talented artists showcasing their talent!

Preethika Rao
Arts and Culture Editor

Artwork by Tarun Kalyanaraman

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