Spiderman No Way Home

Spoiler warning ahead!

Some call it the movie of the year, the best marvel movie of all time, and even the best Tom Holland Spider-man movie yet to be made. It’s easy to say that viewers thoroughly enjoyed the film Spider-man: No Way Home, with 98% on rotten tomatoes to prove it. Ever since the trailer was released in early December, Marvel theorizers have done their research and made theories on the three spidermen- Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, all appearing in this movie. Were they right?

The plot of the film was Tom Hollands Peter Parker helping the villains from past spiderman movies, who came in through the multiverse, to become normal civilians before being sent back. For life-long Marvel fans, this brought joy and nostalgia seeing the actors, like Willem Dafoe as a green goblin, and Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see them face off yet another Peter Parker. About halfway through the movie, we see Tom Hollands Peter Parker in distress, after losing his aunt May, who encouraged him to help the villains instead of sending them back to their original universes where they would die. Later in the movie, Portals open up and Maguire’s and Garfields’ Parkers are here to help.

Fans in the theater went wild. Crowds cheered, cried, and gave a round of applause when they saw the original spidermen unite to help the villains. Taylor Varcasia, a sophomore at Ridgewood Highschool claims “ it was really good, and [she] would definitely watch it again”. Critics say the movie was full of “ action, emotions, and surprises”. Fans Adored seeing Peter Parker fight through love, loss, and victory, which had some name Spider-man: No Way Home to be the Best Marvel-and Spider-man movie of all time.

Kathryn Marionni
Staff Writer

Graphic: Sarah Jeong

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