Athlete Spotlight: Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy is a senior defenseman on the RHS Varsity Ice Hockey team. He has been a member of the team for all four years of high school and has grown up playing junior hockey in Ridgewood. This season in particular has gone well for the team as they have managed to finish the regular season with a 10-5-1 record. In these games, Dan has racked up two goals and five assists. The team went on a seven-game win streak at one point during the season and had impressive wins over Ramapo and Middletown South. Unfortunately, the team was knocked out by Northern Highlands in the semifinal round of the Big North Gold Cup, but they still have the state tournament to look forward to. 

Before every game, Dan has a superstition of packing his bag in the same exact order every time. He stays focused but makes sure to joke around in order to keep his nerves calm. As captain, he does his best to stay positive around the rest of the guys on the team. Hockey is an emotional and frustrating sport so it’s his job to make sure everybody remains focused and calm. 

The team this year has done a very good job at maintaining good chemistry. All of them have been playing together for a very long time, and they often hang out together outside of practice and games. In fact, their favorite spots to eat together are Nellie’s Place, Matthews Diner, Taco Bell, and Moes.

We wish Dan and the rest of the hockey team the best of luck as they head into the states!

Sean Hughes

staff writer

Graphic: Sean Hughes

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