Baseball and Softball Thrive

RHS Baseball and Softball are off to a strong start this upcoming season. The baseball team has been being ranked number 5 by in the Big North Conference Division and has a solid a 14-3 record as of May 13th. On the other hand, the softball team has also been highly ranked at number 6 by in the Big North Conference Division and has a strong a 14-5 record. The baseball team is driven to have a repeat win in the North I Group IV championship this year following up on the 2018 baseball team’s record.

With wins against Glen Ridge, Hackensack, Northern Highlands, and Teaneck, RHS’s baseball season is expected to be extremely successful. In addition, the softball girls have achieved victories against Glen Ridge, Hackensack, Northern Highlands, and Teaneck.

Both teams have strong bonds which have helped them become so successful in the past few years. Senior Kristen Yee says, “Our team has been playing together basically since we were in third grade so we really want to do as we can as it’s our last year all together. As a team, we’ve been through so much so whatever happens, I think we all want to be able to look back and remember accomplishing something great together for our last run.”

Varsity star Payton Angus, who has been on the team since her freshman team, also shared that “we are really close as a team, basically a family. We all play for each other which makes us really successful.” Similarly, the boys baseball team has become very close over the last few years. Varsity catcher Brian Skettini stated, “we have a great team and I have become closer with everyone on this team as the season continues.”

Even the JV baseball team is growing closer together as the season continues. Junior Varsity player George Hadfield says, “JV baseball has been very fun this year. Us juniors and sophomores have bonded extremely well. We are 16-2 this season and just keep on winning with the JV tournament and semi-finals coming up.” The junior varsity team anticipates a successful end to another outstanding season.

As their seasons near their end, varsity baseball and softball are preparing for the playoffs and have high hopes of competing well. With both teams having solid start to the season, Ridgewood could be the North I Group IV champion for baseball and softball this year.

Kevin Collier and Sophie Howard
staff writers

Graphic: Sophia Lee

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