Girls Volleyball Boosts Team Morale

The girls volleyball team dove into the 2015 season on Thursday, September 10, playing home against Ramapo. Although they took the match to three sets, Ridgewood got off to a rocky start to the season with a tough loss. The next game, home against their biggest rivals, Ridgewood suffered yet another loss to Paramus. Despite the loss, the gym was brimming with enthusiasm and support for the team. Both teams embraced the rivalry; Paramus entered the gym sporting t-shirts that read “Burnin’ Up” paired with firemen hats (referring to Ridgewood), while Ridgewood responded with t-shirts that said “We are on fire.”

Finally, the girls pulled out their first win of the season, defeating Indian Hills in two sets on Thursday, September 17. The thirteen Varsity players agree that communication and tenacity on the court played a major role in obtaining this win. These skills were first established back in August’s preseason as the team worked on improving themselves both on and off the court. Other than enhancing their skills as players, the girls focused on creating a close bond and working together to achieve their personal best during the season. One tradition that aids in this process is the annual sleepover in Ridgewood’s gym. The JV and Varsity teams participate in several team-bonding activities, followed by a practice ending around 1:00 AM. Subsequent to the sleepover, senior Amy Schlicht affirmed that, “Our team isn’t just a group of girls, it’s one family.”

One of the biggest changes to this year’s team is the variety of ages on the varsity roster. The team includes seven seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman. The range of experience on the team has yet to impose a challenge, as each player brings their own set of talents to the team. Co-captain Christina d’Ecclesiis explains, “We are all very excited about this season because we have a lot of talent and heart on the team and with that we hope to improve on the record we had last year.” Through both games and tournaments, the girls have many opportunities to prove themselves and accomplish these goals this fall.

Megan Collier
Sports Editor

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