The Risks of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

The Olympics is an athletic event that occurs every 4 years and was planned to take place in Tokyo for 2020. Due to the rising threat of COVID-19, however, the games were canceled. Yet there are many rumors implying that the games will take place in 2021. Whether these rumors are true, Japan has to consider all the risks and precautions. With the new release of the COVID-19 vaccines, athletes may be protected, but the virus is still a concern for the rest of the world. What are the plans for the future, and how may they be Japan preparing? 

According to the CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee, Matt Carrol, the Olympics will be held. The event will take place on July 23, 2021. Tokyo is planning to host the games, and as a result will have to prepare and protect the athletes from the virus. Many believe that each athlete participating in the games should receive a vaccine, to lessen the risk of any possible sickness. 

To add even more uncertainty, the Willis Network team writes about the earthquake risk surrounding the Philippine sea tectonic plate, stating, “the unpredictability of earthquakes means that an extra year is perhaps less influential to developing preparation plans against seismic activity during Tokyo 2020.” In addition, many other risks involving technology, and the climate also may pose a threat to the upcoming games. 

All in all, the Olympics are long awaited, and Japan is planning to take precautions in order to ensure that the Olympics still occur. Athletes will be pressured to take vaccines, so that they can still participate in sports as per usual. Fans will be able to watch, but the crowds will be significantly smaller than usual. In conclusion, there are many risks regarding the 2021 Olympics, but they are still planning to be held with precautions taken. 

Lucie Crosly
Staff Writer

Graphic: Vivian Yuan

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