Should We Ban Cell Phones in Class?

We are attached to our phones. They are with us every second of every day. Most of the time, we still have them in class. But, are they too distracting? Should they even be allowed in the classroom? The main reason we go to class is to learn, but cell phones detract from that, and we don’t end up getting the full benefit of the class. In every class, teachers are attempting to give us new knowledge which is quite impossible when we are sending a funny meme to our friend or snapping our streaks as a lesson is going on. By the end of class, I can assure you that you won’t know what you were supposed to learn.

Phones can be great. We use them to contact our friends, to find out about events, and to express our creativity, but when it comes to the classroom and school, we need to put them away. I’ve only had two teachers restrict phones in their classes and so far, it is effective. Without a constant buzzing object in our pockets or backpacks, we can learn in a distraction-free environment, free to focus and absorb all teachers have to offer. Many students tend to feel better and “free” without their phones constantly on them. We wouldn’t have to worry about and social media drama or angry texts from our parents. We can focus on what is at hand, be in the moment, and learn in class.

In one of my core classes, we have to put our phones on a shelf as soon as we walk in the room. It is very helpful in terms of concentration. We are forced to pay more attention to what our teacher says in class, therefore it is easier to retain that information. We are permitted to use our phones for things related to the class, like putting the homework in our notes or reminders, but when we are done, we put the phone back on the shelf and return to our desks.

In one of my other classes, the teacher lets us have our phones with us. The class is mainly lecture based, where our teacher gives the lesson, and  we take notes, watch videos, and ask questions. However, with our cell phones, we tend to be easily distracted. I always see one of my friends that sits next to me and she is on her phone for a large portion of class. Since she is not giving her full attention to the class, she isn’t getting the most out of it. When the test rolls around, it is just more stress on her, because she is scrambling trying to get the notes she missed in class.

If there is no need for our phones in a class, then they shouldn’t be allowed. They are just a distraction for the students and a nuisance to the teacher. Of course, if a student needs it to text a parent or write a reminder, then that should definitely be permitted. Ultimately, phones should never come in the way of learning and our educations.

While we may be reluctant to give up our phones, this can actually end up benefiting us in the long run. Maybe if we pick our heads up more and send the quick text reply to a friend later, we can see what’s around us from a new perspective, and get more out of the the time we have at school and in life.

Lia Vaynshteyn
staff writer

Graphic: Taylor Donovan

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