Teamwork for Success: A Conversation with Zoe Warne

Michael Jordan said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” This is the philosophy that drives the success of the RHS Girls Soccer Team and its co-captain, Zoe Warne. RHS High Times had the opportunity to interview Zoe and learn more about the team and her love for the sport.

Moving across the globe from England to Ridgewood in sixth grade, Zoe has always appreciated “football.” So for her, it was only natural to play soccer. However, the teamwork and comradery of the RHS girls varsity team has shown Zoe that there is more to the game than her individual plays (which are very impressive). When asked about the team’s bond, Zoe said “The team chemistry of our team is something I have never really experienced before. We are all extremely close and spend so much time together off the field. That is what leads us to doing so well on the field. We spend a lot of time carpooling to and from practices and games and you will often find us all together at Tea Shop or getting bagels.” This is the chemistry everyone sees when watching the team play. They communicate and work as a fierce unit, while at the same time see their excitement and fun with the game. To show the depth of the team’s chemistry, Zoe explained how the girls and boys teams recently played against each other. During this fun scrimmage, goalie Paisley Tornatore scored a goal and the whole team: “went crazy on the field and on the sideline. Everyone sprinted to her and screamed, just showing how much our team loves to support each other.”

This RHS senior is enjoying a great season with a 10-2 record. With a positive attitude, Zoe tells us that the two losses that came this past week are motive to work hard and come back. As a team leader, Zoe says she “will often talk to my fellow captains about issues and/or planning things to do. We want to make sure that everyone on the team is consistently involved and having fun. That is our main goal before anything else. Gwen is always the one to start our pregame huddle speeches, and some of Cate, Lily, Carly, or I will then add on. At half time we try to lift people up, but also talk about what we can do better. We are always in contact with Coach Kay about what is going on and always relay information to the team. As a captain, it is most important that we are friends first as it is high school and being too overwhelming is not the right way to be a captain. We listen and we do what is best for the team.” This shows Zoe’s leadership on and off the field with her fellow captains.

Before big games, the team comes together dancing and singing during the bus ride to the field. To combat pre game nerves, Zoe does other activities to calm her mind from the jitters. And, Zoe tells us she always puts her left cleat and shin guard on before the right ones, out of superstition and habit.

Zoe is extremely happy that her career will continue after high school at Franklin & Marshall College. Franklin & Marshall’s soccer team is currently undefeated at 8-0-1 and recently won against the #19 team in the nation. Knowing the caliber of the team, Zoe says “This makes me even more excited as I know I am going to be joining a very impressive team that is going to challenge me to bring out a new side in my abilities. It is definitely a scary thought to be going somewhere new and becoming more independent, but I also could not be more excited for the experience I am about to have.”

The RHS community is looking forward to more wins from the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team this year, but more than that the community should learn from the unified spirit that the team exemplifies. Like Zoe says “nothing really compares to the people on the team and how well we get along.” That’s the real game winner for Zoe and all of the girls on the team. 

Elisha de Silva (staff writer)

Graphic: Sunny Rhew

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