The Hardest Level of Athletics

Which sport is truly the most demanding or difficult?  This question has been pondered and argued by various experts. According to ESPN, this label is based on endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, nerve, durability, hand-eye coordination, and analytic aptitude: the skills that only some can become elite in.

Boxing is listed on ESPN as “the toughest sport in the world.” Not only does boxing require all of the aforementioned skills, but it also requires a high pain tolerance. It also has a psychological factor make it even more challenging, as it makes you feel nervous which leads to fatigue. Boxing is notably linked with death too: the worst brain injuries occur in the sport.

Ice hockey is the second most demanding sport according to ESPN because of the necessary application of power, speed, durability, hand-eye coordination, and analytic aptitude.  Before starting one’s career in hockey, a player has to master skating. Then, the athlete has to learn how to play in the game with other skaters on blades going at high speeds with quick reaction times. Ice hockey is considered to be one of the fastest-pace sports which makes it one of the most challenging but also unique. Skaters speeds can be up to or even faster than 29 mph and pucks are regularly clocked at 100+ mph!

At number three is football. Football requires strength, power, speed, and durability.  These each come into play based on each position.  Many who do not play find the sport difficult to understand which proves exactly how complicated the game is. Playbooks are not only full of plays, but each player must know their assignment, their teammates assignments, and watch film on their opponents. In addition, many have heard of the serious injuries that come with playing football, from concussions to brain damage.  Football is not only physically hard, but demanding as it requires quick decision making.

Overall, there are many difficult sports that are challenging in their own ways. What sport do you think is the most difficult?

Grace Gluckow
staff writer

Graphic: Sofia Lee

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