Why You Should Join Biddy Basketball

RHS students recently received an email regarding the Biddy Basketball league offered to high schoolers. Director and active participant in Ridgewood athletics Jim Cosgrove runs the program at GW on Saturday afternoons from December through March.

Biddy Basketball is a non-profit, town-run organization offering students of all ages the opportunity to play at a lower intensity, perfect for high schoolers who enjoy basketball but are not looking for the same commitment as the regular High School team. Although not particularly serious, Biddy offers a fun form of competition. Throughout the season, teams consisting of six or more individuals face off against each other until Mr. Cosgrove organizes a tournament requiring the participation of each team.

For individuals not interested in playing, individuals can also get involved in the Biddy Basketball program by coaching younger kids. Although this is more of a time commitment, it is definitely worth the effort as students have the chance to act as role models towards the impressionable youth of Ridgewood. Older siblings can request to coach their family members and have the ability to draft a team as well.

Previous players have raved about this inclusive program for players of all skill levels, calling it “awesome”, “fun” and “entertaining”. Many have been tremendously impacted by this throughout their youth, in the frequent case that their basketball career started at Biddy. Known for being a controlled and friendly environment, Biddy expects its players and coaches to continue Ridgewood’s tradition of excellence. Ultimately, this organization offers a chance to develop friendships, leadership qualities, teamwork skills, and a love for the game, in way that is fun and involves students in the community.

Signing up for this after school activity is quite easy. Students are encouraged to form and manage their own team, allowing significant control over scheduling. Find some friends to make a team and contact Mr. Jim Cosgrove at  jcos48@aol.com. We encourage all members of the Ridgewood community to participate, support and get involved in the program that has benefitted so many players.

Caroline Walsh and Sarah Saunders
staff writer

Graphic: Amelia Chen

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