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Class of 2015 Walks the Runway at Senior Fashion Show

On April 20, Class of 2015 seniors finally got their shot at taking part in a well-known RHS tradition, the senior fashion show. The event, which took place at the Sheraton Crossroads in Mahwah, featured regular students walking the runway. Decked out in anything from casual wear to floor length gowns, girls and boys alike had a great time with their few seconds in the spotlight. According to Kelly Gibney, who participated in the event, “It’s so much fun! It’s a quick couple of minutes but if you just go out and enjoy yourself- it’s a great time.”

While the event was surely entertaining for everyone who watched and participated, it also serves a purpose. The event is actually run to raise money for Project Graduation. Senior Jack Grygier commented, “I had a such a great time being a model in the fashion show. It’s really cool being a part of something that raises so much money for our class.”

As part of the fundraising effort, tickets for the event are extended beyond participants and their family members to the younger classes, with a particularly strong showing from the junior class. One junior who was in attendance at the fashion show, Erin Walicki, said seeing the event this year only made her more excited for her own chance to participate. “Everyone looked like they were having so much fun up there, and now I am really excited for next year when my friends and I will walk the runway.”

This year the fashion show also had more unique feature, a video dedicated to the RHS Class of 2015. The video, created by seniors Spencer Muhlstock and Michael Hayes Walsh, featured messages from staff members at RHS, and even from superintendent Dr. Fishbein. The video had a great impact on its audience. In fact, senior Natalie Weil said, “I think the best part [of the fashion show] for me was being together with my entire grade and watching the video. It really made me appreciate what little time I have left in high school and how great my high school experience has been!”.

As usual, the fashion show was a great success, and for many seniors it signaled the beginning of the end of their RHS experience.

Elizabeth O’Keefe
news editor

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