Illustration drawn by Jacqueline Weibye

The Mystery Behind Midterms

Illustration drawn by Jacqueline Weibye
Illustration by Jacqueline Weibye

Over the past few weeks, there has been a rumor spreading across the RHS halls like wildfire;  will next year’s student body be subjected to midterms?

Though hotly debated by students, the decision of whether to have midterms or not is not up to the student body.  Instead, the choice will be made by the administration of the high school. When asked about the status of  midterm exams for the 2015 – 2016 school year, Mr. Pizzuto, Assistant Principal and Grade Advisor to the current junior class, commented, “As of now, there will be midterms next year, but the topic is being discussed throughout various staff meetings, so the possibility still remains.”

The student body has had a number of different views on the topic. When three random underclassmen from each grade were polled on whether or not they would like to have midterms next year, the results were split 4-5 with the majority of students supporting midterms.

Many students who voted in favor of these mid-year exams expressed that they enjoy midterms week due to the sleep ins, and the opportunity they provide to raise grades.  On the other hand, students who disputed the possibility of midterms noted that some students hate the week, and are crushed under the pressure that the exams bring. Interestingly, all three juniors voted in support of midterms.  When asked as to why they supported midterms, many responded that as incoming seniors, they will typically receive significantly less exams compared to students in the lower grades.

In regards to other changes that could come to RHS next year, Mr. Pizzuto also mentioned that, “The principal has been having discussions with individual teachers, faculty senate meetings, department heads, and on enrichment mornings.”  The possibility of a new schedule was also discussed at these various meetings.  The proposed schedule would be composed of 60-minute class periods. The schedule proposal bears the same status as 2016 midterms, undecided.

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staff writer

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