Girls Lacrosse Is “Relentless”

Ridgewood Girls Lacrosse has remained undefeated with an impressive record of 20-0. On May 14, the Maroons defeated Immaculate Heart Academy 15-3 on Ridgewood’s home field. A few days later, on May 19, Hillsborough High School traveled to Ridgewood’s turf, where the Maroons beat them 20-1. They acquired yet another win once they beat Montclair 13-5.

The girls started this season with an incredibly strong team, even after losing numerous talented seniors. The sophomore grade acts as a rock for the team, which makes up for the losses of last year. The girls went into the 2015 season with the idea that they would thrive. During their season’s first game against West Essex, Ridgewood’s fresh team won by a landslide against West Essex’s older team, which was an extreme improvement from their one-goal win last season. Mountain Lakes was Ridgewood’s first tough opponent of the season, but this did not frighten them. After defeating the team by seven points, the girls knew this would be a season to remember. Their biggest accomplishment so far has been beating their toughest opponent, Moorestown, in overtime 11-10.

According to junior, Lindsay Haas, Casey Cole is the most valuable asset to the team. Haas says that it is “important that we feel confident playing pressure defense knowing we have a goalie to back us up and comes through in vital situations.” Lindsay also noted that junior Katie Bourque does whatever it takes to get the ball, and sophomore Alex Absey always finds a way to get open and shoot. For the 2015 season, Ridgewood Girls Lacrosse chose “relentless” as this year’s theme. Lindsay explains, “It is important to us to never give up and battle back when we are down.” On game days, the team writes different motivational phrases on their wrists to keep them inspired. Their next game against Montclair will determine whether or not they continue in the county tournament. The team simply wants to continue their undefeated streak and focus on each game one at a time.

Jamie Inlander
staff writer


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